Owarimonogatari Vol. 1 – Ougi Formula Ch 8 – UNEDITED

There might be some unintelligible shit that probably doesn’t even resemble English, so it’s your choice as to whether to wait for us to finish or to just try to interpret the part I translated into Egyptian hieroglyphics. Sorry for being so slow on this one! >.< Finals is coming, so my time is kind of filled up right now. This chapter is unedited, and I think I’ll post unedited chapters when I’m busy and don’t know when I’ll be able to do over edits.

Owarimonogatari Vol. 1 – Ougi Formula Ch 6 – Completed

Wheeeeee… this is amazing. Is this what it feels like to be on the brink of death? Delivering another chapter while sleep deprivation robs you the ability to even grammar?

Well I finished! And thanks to my amazing editors, Kit and Excalibur, I am completely immune to the flames of grammar hell. Well, today’s chapter might be a bit choppy, but that’s probably my fault… I totally nodded off every other word… tell me if anything sounds stupid!

Well I’m about to get a good night’s  (@ ̄ρ ̄@)

welp. Enjoy the chapter!

Owarimonogatari Vol. 1 – Ougi Formula Ch 5 – Completed

:O. It’s finally done. Let’s see. I had an ten page self reflection essay and a speech to write so it was kind of hard to find time to finish this chapter for you unilingual losers guys. (๑ १д१) wait no don’t leave I love u guyswwww.

Well enjoy an incredibly long ass chapter. I just checked out the next two, and they’re really short (at least compared to this monster), so they might come faster.

Well then, as always, verymuchthx to my editors, and enjoy the chapter! (ノ^∇^)

Owarimonogatari Vol. 1 – Ougi Formula Ch 4 – Completed

Hmm… this chapter took quite a while. And I just took a look at this next chapter, and (WTFFFFFF ITS TWENTY PAGES ‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚) it’s quite long. So this one might take a little longer than usual. Well I’ll try to dedicate more time to it, but if it comes down to it, I’ll split it into two different parts, and upload them separately. ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━

Thanks Kit and Excalibur for the hard work as always. Some minor edits might be added on later though. I uploaded this one in a hurry because I wanted to start on the next chapter.

Owarimonogatari Vol. 1 – Ougi Formula Ch 3 – Completed

Shurim is delivering your chapters at the speed of an amateur translator. WOAH! I finished this chapter in a SINGLE DAY! Ehehe.

It seems like Kitkat and Excalibur did a great job of editing again, and my shit grammar was cut in to bite sized pieces, packaged nicely, and delivered back to me through an email. Oh! And special thanks to Yuuki Izanagi again! I had him review some of the corrections and proofread a little (actually a lot because I’m lazy af ( ̄ω ̄)).

Well then, without further ado, enjoy the chapter! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

Owarimonogatari Vol. 1 – Ougi Formula Ch 2 – Completed

hah~ that was a long chapter.

Anyways, this time I got some nice editors who will be accompanying me on my translating journey to edit my translations 😀 : Kitkat and Excalibur.
So I’m counting on Excalibur to cut down on my errors HA HA HA… ehehe. Well I don’t have a pun for Kit right now, but um. send lots of love to Kitkat as well.

Idk when I’ll finish the next chapter, but from now on I’ll keep a status thing next to the next releasing chapter :D. So like uh Chapter 3 (500% progress) or something ;). So stick around~~~

Owarimonogatari Vol. 1 – Ougi Formula Ch 1 – Completed

Nice. I finished translating chapter 1 -_-‘
Special thanks to Yuuki Izanagi for editing the chapter for me 😀
owo~ I think I might go binge some anime later…
Well, I’m going to go ahead and start translating the next chapter. *yawn. Its 12:20 AM right now… I think I’ll stay true to my schedule and translate another 3 hours of work. :3 well I’ll be back with another chapter soon~ i think spring break starts this friday. Hopefully.

Hope I don’t die of sleep deprivation before you hope for another chapter~
(っ- ‸ – ς)

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