Owarimonogatari – Ougi Formula Chapter 5

As agreed, I met up with Ougi-chan after school, and we quickly headed towards the school building that housed the audiovisual room. Ougi-chan was walking ahead of me, as if she was the one guiding me through the campus. Along the way, as if to ward against my boredom, she started a conversation. The topic of conversation went along the lines of “An editor will lose confidence if the manga is long and drawn out (on the other hand, a popular manga will generally be short-lived”, or “The rate of progress decreases as the prices rise (the speed at which food, it’s finance, and packaging are prepared).” She discussed such self-proclaimed “rules” of reality. She seems to be very fond of things that had a fixed outcome. Indeed, her talkative personality quite resembled Meme Oshino, and once again radiated the cheerful air of a lively high school girl. A fresh, nostalgic taste lingered in my mouth as we arrived at our site of interest. Sure enough, at the destination we arrived at—the aforementioned third floor of the school building—the audiovisual room was just a few steps away.

It existed.

A single classroom was standing there.

“Ougi-chan, look here, a classroom has been properly constructed here, hasn’t it? I’m sure you just missed this classroom and sketched the audiovisual room into the empty space. It was just an blunder in your diagram. Now then, strip off your clothes and survey the school with your arm as a ruler at once. You might as well measure my height while you’re at it. I get the feeling I might have grown taller recently.”

Speaking of which, I didn’t say that.

That’s because the fact that a classroom was here was a far more perplexing matter. Supposedly, this building was a collection of specialized facilities, so where did this general-use classroom come from? It was also strange that I didn’t have any recollection of this classroom which was so out of place.

“Interesting. So which layer of hell do you think this classroom came from? So very puzzling isn’t it.”

Ougi-chan pronounced her lines monotonously for some reason. On the other hand, a wide grin stretched across her face—as if our current circumstances amused her greatly.

“Anyways, let’s take a look inside.”

I had made a poor decision. We should have taken a step back and set up precautions before revisiting the classroom. I should have consulted Hanekawa before taking such a rash course of actions—should have woken up Shinobu, who was relishing her beauty sleep in my shadow, to stay alert. However, letting pride overshadow such common sense, I recklessly pushed open the classroom door, and stepped in.


With a quick inspection from outside the classroom, it seemed vacant, and with further inspection, we confirmed our suspicions as we pushed open the unlocked door—and revealed rows of desks accompanied by their respective chairs, a teacher’s lectern, and a storage locker for cleaning utensils.

An abandoned classroom—perhaps I should be more specific. The gymnasium displayed through the window and the motionless hands of the clock had already left an impression on me that was left unnoticed. Granted that no mounds of gold glittered before me, it was just another classroom. This classroom may have been here since the day I stepped a foot into the high school, and my memory might have been failing me—such thoughts made their way into my head. And while I calmed my nerves, I failed to take notice. Failed to notice a single abnormality of those dangling in my line of sight.

Ougi-chan stepped into the classroom a step behind me.

And shut the door behind her.

“…so, as for the reason why we’re currently in here…”

Holding my wristwatch at eye level, I compared the  my watch’s time to that of the clock hanging above the blackboard, and noticed quite the difference between the two.

My wristwatch was counting the seconds without a problem, so it was completely possible that the stopped time was due to a dead battery. But Ougi-chan denied this possibility on a whim. But if we were to assume that time had stopped, it would explain the immovable door  and the indestructible glass. This could be a classroom in which time has come to a halt—or rather, a classroom where time had stopped flowing?

“We should be thinking about how time is being fixed in place, shouldn’t we, Araragi-senpai?”

She said as she faced the blackboard once again. What was gripped in her palm this time was not a ball pen, but rather the appropriate tool to mark the board—in other words, chalk.

“Yup, chalk. Gotta love me some old-fashioned chalk—well not really.”

With those words rolling off her tongue, she drew a line across the blackboard.

On the blackboard on which a ball pen couldn’t even scratch, a single white line clearly stretched across the blackboard.


I murmured in astonishment. As it seemed drawing lines with chalk was possible, Ougi-chan’s enthusiasm skyrocketed, and she conducted experiment after experiment as if she had received the successful result she had been aiming for. Generally, I would have expected more cautious actions but…

“Ahahaha. It seems like chalk works like it should. What kind of logic do you think this follows? How about this?”

This time, Ougi-chan held the side of the chalk against the blackboard and slid it across, pulling a wide line across it’s surface. In the blink of an eye, one stick of chalk was expended. Nevertheless, she continued scrawling lines over the blackboard. Ougi-chan stepped back to admire her work—a large heart sketched across the board.

She then held the chalk vertically against the board and wrote in the opposing halves of the heart “Koyomi + Ougi”.

“Ahahaha! Just kidding!”

“This isn’t the time to be fooling around, Ougi-chan…”

Whoops. I shouldn’t be getting worked up over a prank at a time like this, rather, I should also be thinking up ways to escape this sealed room. Trial and error…

“I wonder if the lights will turn on…”

Natural light filtered through the windows, and barely ten minutes had passed, so we haven’t touched the light switch. I reached over and flipped the switch on. It might have been wasteful to turn the lights while sunlight shone through the windows, but that’s beyond the point. Anyways, the ceiling lights all lit up in an instant.

“The lights work as they should, huh. At the very least, the classroom is functioning properly.”

I’m not quite sure but… functioning power outlets would be advantageous to our escape. It meant we could possibly start a fire with the electricity. In order to save Karen, Tsukihi had done something similar (Literally the fire sisters), and though it is a better plan than setting off plastic bombs, in an airtight space, that should unquestionably be our last resort to look to.

“…otherwise we could possibly suffocate, right? I wonder how much oxygen an average person expends. If this situation prolongs, the oxygen in this room might…”

“We~ll, how about this, Araragi-senpai? Despite what you’re saying, this is still a classroom, right? Then the room shouldn’t be sealed off to the point that even gases can’t circulate through the classroom. Even if a room was completely sealed off with masking tape, enough air should still circulate through the gaps in the windows to sustain two people.”

“Is that so… that’s reassuring.”

While reassuring myself, I took the word “sealed” into account. Anyhow, it was just a word Ougi-chan had used on a whim, but it still led me to the notion that it was airtight. So rather than calling it an “airtight room” was more suitable to call it a “confined room”.

Good grief.

Led by a rough sketch of the school in search of a secret room like the protagonists of a mystery novel, we ended up in a room isolated from outside world. Our situation would have passed for a stage setting. However, without a detective here, we can only grieve.

“…what do you think, Araragi-senpai?”

“What do I think… well. there are various things running through my head at the moment.”

I have no choice but to admit it. All of this could just be a simple case of amnesia. However, while confined in this room, it would be difficult to prove anything.

“But Ougi-chan, If this is a phenomenon caused by an oddity, exactly what kind of oddity would it be? Have you heard of oddities that trap people in classrooms?”

“Let’s see, unlike my uncle, I’m not well informed in these folk tales of the old. As far as I know, the oddities that often appear in manga or movies are the only ones I know of.”

I was in the dark as to whether she was playing dumb or acting humble, and the suspicion that she might actually know settled into my mind. Talking to Oshino also made me feel this way—I would begin doubting his words. Ougi-chan, who received my doubtful glances, opened her mouth.

“Well actually, I have heard of oddities that trap people in a room. I’ve heard that until the next visitor takes their a step into the room, it’s impossible to leave. And then if someone deceives someone else into entering the room, they are freed. That kind of stuff.”

I have also heard of such horror stories—in that case, wouldn’t we be unable to leave this classroom until the next person decides to take a peek in? No, if I’m not mistaken, when we entered the classroom, no one had been confined to this room or stepped out. Even if we were to assume it was a phenomenon caused by an oddity, it would have to be one of some other variety.

“I thought so. Only a fool would hop on board with a suggestion like that.”

Ougi-chan smiled sweetly. This girl is the cutest when she calls me a fool—what the hellt? I’m having a hard time keeping my guard up. I’m starting to feel uneasy.

“It’s just that there’s only so much you can say that much for certain. But there is an appropriate explanation for the oddity.'”


That was also a line that Oshino would likely spout. I’m guessing that solving the answer to that question can aid our escape…

“Assuming that’s true, what kind of reasons can exist for us not being able to leave? Theclock also—”

“The suspended clock hands are the key to this mystery. It would be natural to assume that the time told is just a coincidence, right?”

The time told by the hanging clock was barely before six o’clock—strictly speaking, it was fifty-eight minutes past five. Incidentally, my wristwatch informed me that it was currently forty-five minutes past four. And if I’m not mistaken, Ougi-chan and I began our investigation at half past three, so about one hour has elapsed since we had encountered this supernatural event. (TN : is that confusing? It means time since they’ve been locked in.)

“Do you think the clock stopped in the morning or afternoon? With an analog clock, there’s no way to tell.”

“I think it’s the afternoon—you can tell from looking outside the window.”

“Hm? …wait, is that so? Wait…”

I didn’t think of judging time from the outside scenery, so while I was impressed, I uttered some pointless criticism to cover up my lack of foresight. I was starting to find my narrow mindedness deeply distasteful.

“Wouldn’t the sky be darker at six in the afternoon? It’s October. You might not know, but the sun sinks earlier around here during this season.”

“Really? You know quite a lot, huh? But even then, it should be the afternoon. Take a look at which direction the shadow of the gymnasium is facing.  Judging from the direction, the sun should be setting.”

“Hmm… let me see. But the direction is… ah, that’s probably wrong. The view from the window is wrong, so basing the direction from this location would also be wrong. Instead we should judge direction from the way the gymnasium is facing. If I remember correctly, the gymnasium was constructed facing the two directions—east and west…”

I mumbled along while recalling Ougi-chan’s diagram—I see, that’s it. In that case, the clock would be indicating fifty-eight minutes past five in the afternoon.

“Six in the afternoon would mark the end of the school day. Haha, I wonder if we can return by the time school ends. Oops. It’s still half past three outside isn’t it.”

“In that case, my watch would be the one out of whack, wouldn’t it. This is so confusing.”

“What in the world are you saying, Araragi-senpai. Time travel should be your area of expertise.”

Ougi-chan said such—hold up. The time travel incident had occurred after Oshino left this city. Therefore, Ougi-chan should have no knowledge of it either…

“As irritating this situation may be, we’re in a tight spot, Araragi-senpai. If time isn’t flowing properly, it will never turn to night. In other words, we won’t be able to rely on nocturnes like Shinobu.”

“Hm. Ah, so that’s how it is.”

The vampire inhabiting my shadow, Shinobu Oshino, was once feared as the “Killer of Oddities (怪異殺し)“, and is like a natural enemy of oddities. As an oddity that consumes other oddities, I’m sure if she were to make her appearance, she would eat the classroom situation for us. However, due to her nocturnal habits, to wake her up before “six in the afternoon” would be somewhat demanding. Nevertheless, it was not impossible but… the number of donuts she would demand could leave me penniless afterwards.

“How about this. Despite time being frozen in this classroom, my time is still flowing as it should, so time for Shinobu in my shadow should also be the same.”

“Flowing time isn’t just limited to you, you know. It’s possible that we are only moving through willpower, and our bodies are still frozen in time. Actually, I would pray that’s what’s going on.”

“…and why is that?”

“What if I had to pee?”


That was a serious problem. I couldn’t visualize it, but this was a far more severe dilemma than hunger or dehydration. However,, she remained properly poised and composed.

“I’ve heard various rumors of your heroic expeditions, but even as the successor Junichiro Tanizaki of the Heisei era, you wouldn’t want to see me pee, right, Araragi-senpai?”

(TN : Junichiro Tanizaki was an author who wrote stories mainly on sexuality and erotic obsessions. Basically, he was the Japanese father of book porn and fanfictions >.>)

“Who do you think you’re calling Junichiro Tanizaki?”

“If time in this classroom froze just before 6 PM there must have been a reason as to why it did.”

Ougi-chan redirected the conversation back on track.

“For what reason…”

“Let’s change our viewpoint. Six in the afternoon—basically school release time. What’s the point of confining students in the time frame that they should supposedly be commuting back home?”

“School has ended, yet they are unable to return home…”

Indeed, it was strange. Typically, an oddity in school would attack students that remain in the school long after release—this was typical for one such oddity.

“Sounds kind of similar to detention, doesn’t it~”


Hm. Something clicked in my mind when I heard that word. Nothing came to mind immediately, but an explanation seemed to sprout from the word.

I felt like memory was being stimulated—detention?

“Oi! Is Araragi-senpai home? Ahaha, despite how I look, my grades are still above average, you know? I’ve never experienced school punishment~”

“I also…”

“Oh? really?”

Ougi-chan wore an impressed expression as she looked at me, but she had only heard half of the story. The reason why I nearly never ended up in detention or taken supplementary classes was not because I was a diligent student, but rather because I would end up ditching them every time. However as I was preparing for college admission exams, I could not afford to continue doing such things. Though last year and the year before…. especially when I was a freshman—when I was a freshman?

“What’s wrong, Araragi-senpai? Hope has started draining from our situa—I meant the color is draining from your face, you know?”

“Yeah… wait, really? Sorry… the nausea is kind of…”

“You don’t have to apologize. Really, there’s no reason for you to say sorry. I’m sure your nervousness has been overwhelming—looking out for this unreliable underclassman, it’s natural that you would be exhausted. How about you take a seat here? Araragi-senpai isn’t a hygiene freak like I am, right? If you beg for it it, I might even lend you my lap.”

“Where the heck would you sit if I rested in your lap? That would be quite  the gymnastic feat . Good god.”

It was about time that I had grown used to Ougi-chan’s constant teasing. It was something, as a senior student, I should reprimand her for (yup, before she ends up like like Kanbaru). As my  head throbbed painfully , I followed her suggestion and sat myself down for a moment—needless to say, on one of the countless chairs within the classroom, not on Ougi-chan’s lap. I hobbled across the classroom and slid a chair under myself. And rested for quite some time—there was nothing I could do about it.

“Why did you decide to sit over there?’

When I tried to sit down, I don’t know, I had the feeling that it was about time to migrate to a warmer location, and Ougi-chan had seen me doing so. Hm? What? Why? I’m not sure what to say—because she suggested so?

“No no. I asked why exactly did you specifically choose to sit in that chair even though so many seats are scattered within the classroom.”


It was just an impulse. There was no such reason—which was what I thought, but when I thought over it,I realized it was an unreasonable uneasiness. About to collapse from fatigue, the obvious choice would have been to take the seat closest to me. Then why did I expend the effort to weave my way between desks, ignore countless other seats, and sit down here—the third seat from the right in the fourth row?

I still couldn’t put it in words…


Ougi-chan said.

“Somehow, did that seat seem more comfortable? Was just more satisfying to take a seat there?” (Ougi)

“Well, no. It wasn’t satisfaction. The seats didn’t seem any different in terms of comfort… It was just… um.”

“It was just?”

“—I felt more familiar with the chair.”

I thought I was saying some odd things myself. Needless to say, how could I have I felt nostalgia in a room I had never visited before? For instance, if I had taken a class in this room before, I would be more comfortable sitting in my assigned seat. I won’t lie that I haven’t thought about it  while heading towards my usual seat. However, I have never seen the likes of this classroom.

“Is that for real?”

“Huh? What? What are you talking about, Ougi-chan?”

“Ah, I’m just breaking down possibilities. I was starting to think that Araragi-senpai may have been in this classroom before. Maybe you have sat in that seat before, and when your back began to hurt, you chose to sit in that that chair?”

“…nah, that might be going a little overboard.”

I answered with a faint smile. Well, that was to be expected. It wasn’t a believable explanation that I could seriously consider. I’m sure Ougi-chan was just toying with my emotions again.

” I wasn’t even aware that a classroom even existed in here until just now”

“When I first visited this building, this classroom wasn’t even here. However, the classroom materialized the instant you tagged along. Wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume this classroom is somehow associated with you?That’s what I think.”

“Hm… that’s an interesting way to look at it.”

As Ougi-chan was the one who found the oddity, I can’t say that I haven’t wondered as to whether she might have been the cause of the phenomenon or not. However, I’m guessing from Ougi-chan’s perspective, it was none other than me who looked like the cause of this mess.

“Besides, didn’t you mention this window view seemed somewhat familiar to you?”

“Wait, did I really?”

“Yah, I’m sure you did—right when we just entered classroom, before we noticed we were trapped.”

I had no recollection of doing so, but if she can declare it with that amount of confidence, I have no problem with believing her. The panic that followed after realizing our situation probably jumbled up my memories.

I beheld the scenery just outside the window once again—the view of the gymnasium. It was supposed to be impossible to view this scenery from this angle.

From this seat, what I could see something different through the  window. The gymnasium disappeared from sight, and a mountain loomed in the distance, indeed it was sort of…

My memory.


“Yeah… I recognize this landscape, but…”


Ougi-chan said in a questioning—no, a demanding tone. By the time I had noticed, she was standing dangerously close to me again. Moving without a sound. With the little distance between us, my heart beat a little faster. and I answered her question in a roundabout manner.

“No… Now that I think of it, it’s more of an uneasy feeling…”

“An uneasy feeling? Really? This is quite a view to behold if I say so myself. I know that we’ve talked about that though we should be on the third floor, the view is that of the fourth or the fifth floor. But, judging from the height, I think it’s the fifth floor after all.”

“Fifth floor…”

Fifth floor… If so…

That’s right… I should rethink our situation. From this floor of the school building, we shouldn’t be seeing these mountains. Assuming this is the fifth floor—assuming there exists a particular classroom in a particular school building with this window view—that classroom—

I should know that classroom.



“Oh? What happened, Araragi-senpai? Have you thought of something? Did I say something insensible?”

Ougi-chan said in an apologetic tone. No, it was the lighthearted voice of pure enjoyment. Before I knew it, she had moved, and was standing right behind me.

“Did you begin to remember something you would rather not recall?”

“…no, that has nothing… to do with it… I haven’t remembered anything.”

That’s right, I haven’t remembered a single thing. That’s because I haven’t forgotten a single detail. You didn’t simply forget about that matter. I bit my lip, remained silent, and extended a hand into the desk. Once my seat was adjusted comfortably, I began to investigate the contents of the desk by the seat I had settled in. It was the desk of someone who never studied at home—textbooks were tightly crammed inside. Eventually, I pulled out a textbook and flipped it over to the back cover. There, the name of the owner was spelled out clearly—Freshman, Class 3, Araragi.


I pursed my lips. I tried to hide the name. However, I was too late, and Ougi-chan had seen the scribbled signature over my shoulder.

“Oh? You didn’t write your name just now, did you? How strange. How mysterious. Whatever shall we do? Why was Araragi-senpai’s textbook in this classroom? Did you carry it in while I was not paying attention? That’s no good, Araragi-senpai. It’s forbidden to bring things into this classroom, you know?”

“Just kidding, it’s not as if this is a test of some sort. Haha, there’s no way such a rule exists~”—Ougi-chan said in that obstinate tone of hers. Test. Yes, a test. One by one, Ougi-chan’s words continued to stimulate my memories. Like a needle. Not the needles of a rose, but those of a porcupine.

“Ougi-chan, do you… possibly know anything about this?”

I asked in desperation.

“I have no idea. You’re the one who knows, Araragi-senpai. For example…”

Ougi-chan stretched a hand towards the neighboring desk, casually pulled out a textbook, turned it over, and read the name aloud. “Freshman, Class 3, Toishima”.

“Aren’t you familiar with this ‘Toishima-san’?”

“Yeah… I think.”

I knew her.

Suisen Toishima. Everyone called her Sui for short. I think she was in the flower arrangement club. She laughed easily—no matter she heard or said, she kept a smile on her face. Since smiling with her mouth wide open isn’t considered very feminine, she would often get scolded by her friends. However, that hearty smile was quite popular among the guys. It even had quite the reputation among the teachers. I heard she was especially popular with the teachers who would receive her hearty laughs when they made jokes. I remember she was considerably picky about seating changes. The fourth seat from the front and the second seat from the right—she had mentioned it was “unsatisfying” to have been assigned to such a seat “this time”. She was discontent no matter how you looked at it—scrunching her face into a disgruntled expression as she settled down in the seat adjacent to mine. While I was bewildered at my luck, I fully realized that I held front row, box seats which would allow me to hear her cheerful laughs in person.

“Her hair was braided…like those you would see in the hair catalogs my sisters love to flip through. I knew the ridiculous amount of time it must have taken to do her hair, so every morning I would wonder how tough it was to remake it every day. However, in the end, I never talked to her about it…”

“Very well-informed aren’t you? About Toishima-san.”

“Nah… anyone in my class was aware of this much. I…”

I didn’t know a single thing. As expected.

In the “time that I didn’t know” there was a wide variety of things I was unaware of.

“Well then, what about Fukadou-san? What kind of person was the owner of the desk I flipped over?”

Ougi-chan seems to have made sure to check the name written on the textbooks that time as well. Looking back, we hadn’t touched upon this subject up until now. Well, this wasn’t particularly strange. These names had nothing to do with Ougi-chan after all.

“…Shimono Fukadou. This person was actually quite scary. She wasn’t the type of person who would bother others. In fact, I think she was pretty harmless. She drew absurdly skillful illustrations. What I’m trying to say is, she would always try to act cute. She only watched anime, and she decorated her head with hair accessories. I was often advised to stay away from her, but by the time she had made a ‘What have I done to make you so afraid’ expression to me, I immediately thought there was no way in hell she didn’t know. She was the kind of person who would receive low examination scores on purpose just because she thought that people who studied hard were not cute. Though she didn’t feign innocence, she held that kind of impression. I think her dream job was to be a ‘mother’. Well, I think ‘bride’ would sound more feminine. Even an oaf like me could tell that much. I think that might have been her only earnest dream. However, for as long as I had known her, her smile never reached her eyes.” (TN : Ugh. Stop being a drama queen.)

Shit. I said too much. My mouth had started moving on it’s own. It was as if the water of a dammed river had come crashing down all at once. Even if I was unable to forget, I thought had decided to stop brooding over it.

Even though I had made a decision.

I wonder why—Why was the classroom in which I spent my freshman year two years prior, here? Right before six in the afternoon. Fifty-eight minutes past five. Just before school release time. Unable to return home.

No one can take a single step out the classroom.

“Ougi-chan. Is anything over there dated?

“The date?”

“Yeah. Today is—wait no, I want to know what day of what month it is in this classroom.”

“In that case, just take a look at the blackboard. Isn’t it already written there?”

Ougi-chan returned to her spot behind me for the third time and leaned forward, placing her head adjacent to mine. Then, sliding an arm around my shoulders, she pointed at the blackboard. At the right corner. I wonder why I hadn’t taken notice of the the date written along with the name of the person in charge of cleaning duty under it?

July fifteenth. Thursday. Kouma & Marizumi.


“Well then. It is now July fifteenth, huh? Then it makes sense that it’s so bright outside. Heheh, what I’m thinking isn’t wrong, right? This means that in this classroom, the freshman class 3-1, something had happened around six in the afternoon of Thursday, July fifteenth. The negative emotions that were born that day must have taken the form of an oddity.”

Stating an evident conclusion in an evident tone, Ougi-chan uttered her reasoning. I began to raise my voice in protest that it wasn’t something that obvious, but I was unable to do so. The biggest reason was because I refused to yell at my female underclassman, but also because after considering the possibility, I thought she might have hit the bull’s eye.

The reason why the reasoning was so irritating was because it was so obvious. I have no clue what the classroom is being used for now, but the class of 3-1 located straight in the middle of the fifth floor of the school building facing the gymnasium held a class meeting on July fifteenth, just after the school release time. It was a trial as well as a class meeting. Having assembled together to dispute over a certain affair, we began to debate. Students began to claim their own innocence and place blame on others. While some made accusations, others preserved their right to remain silent. Evidence was offered, and many of them were found to be false. And I, Araragi Koyomi of class 3-1, cowered in the heart of the full blown storm.

That’s right.

Wasn’t it from that day on?

That I started to talk about those kind of things.

“I have no use for friends. Friends are for the weak.”

Ougi-chan read my thoughts aloud word for word. Said it as if she stood in the way of my escape route. Like she was cornering me into a dead end. Her face resting beside mine inched even closer. By now, our cheeks were already rubbing together. ‘Close’ couldn’t even describe this distance properly anymore—her small chin rested upon my shoulder.

“Didn’t that used to be Araragi-senpai’s favorite phrase? Although, after you developed a relationship with Tsubasa Hanekawa, it seems like you never said it again. Weeeell, encounters between people really changes their personalities don’t they. Well then, let me ask out of curiosity. How did you change in this class? Fukadou-senpai, Toishima-senpai, Kouma-senpai, Marizumi-senpai—how did meeting these individuals change you?”

“Change… me.”

“I’ve heard that your personality has changed a lot from middle school to high school. Could the reason for that possibly be found in this classroom?”

What are the chances… of hearing such things? No, people know what they know. However, the only people who would disclose such information would probably be the fire sisters.

“Something happened, Araragi-senpai. On that day. At that moment.”

In a tone that drove me down a wall, Ougi-chan whispered into my ear. While she held her arm around my neck, I felt like I was being strangled. And when you feel like you were being strangled with cotton balls, a normal person would choke something out like that, right?

“Let’s talk, Araragi-senpai—Araragi Koyomi.”

Ougi-chan whispered. Pronouncing every syllable.

“If you start talking, I’ll let you go. No matter how haunting of a memory it maybe, when you start narrating, it just becomes another story.”


“Everything’s alright. I’ll listen. Despite my appearance, I’m quite the sociable person.”


Even in the middle of all this, I tried to remain calm. Even in a situation like this, I did not want to show my underclassman the faults in my character. Really. What a vain person I am.

“…weren’t able to leave.”


“We weren’t able to leave the classroom. Until we found out the identity of the offender, we couldn’t leave the classroom. What we made was—what we forced upon each other was that kind of class meeting. It might be unimaginable but… I… was the chairman of that meeting.”

(TN: whoa there that was one long ass chapter. Almost stuck a butter knife up my ass in the middle. Btw I’m sorry for the delay… kinda not really. Btw, tell me if theres anything wrong or confusing.)


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