Owarimonogatari – Ougi Formula Chapter 12

①Keiri Ashine—already introduced.

②Michisada Igami—he’s often referred to as the ‘doctor’ in reference to his surname,  despite the fact that he and his family had no any medical background. Although his parents may not have been doctors, they were considerably affluent and were known for their generosity. He didn’t go as far to modify his school uniform, but I have heard that his casual clothes were quite showy. In addition, he even supplied a share of snacks for each of the countless students at the study session. However, he had firmly asserted that he definitely was not the culprit—after all, his math exam bore the score of only sixty-eight.

(TN: In Igami [医上], Michisada’s surname, the first character is also the first character of the word doctor[医者])

“Participating in the study session to raise the class average, and then pulling off a sixty-eight point score. What kind of person do you think would do that?”

Well, if that’s how you’re going to word it, it does seem like the obvious truth, but as we have discussed before, that was not a viable reason to completely clear him of suspicion. In addition to participating in the study session, it was very possible for him to have physically interfered from within. Incidentally, out of the participants of the study session, he was the only one to flaunt a score in the sixty-point range. All other participants had achieved a score of eighty or higher, and instead, the individual who had oddly received a poor score may have drawn the deepest suspicions.

③Sodachi Oikura—already introduced.

④Enji Kikigoe—in many different ways, he may have been even more suspicious than Igami. After all, he was a prankster known for his mischievous practical jokes. For instance, he has laid knife blades into blackboard erasers so that they would claw at the blackboard obnoxiously. Thankfully, he stopped before the actual attempt, but if it had actually been put into play, I’m sure the prank wouldn’t have ended with just shattered glass. His declaration that “I will not pull pranks that will bother others” wasn’t persuasive in the slightest. Ironically, derived from his name, Enji (煙次), he was entitled to the nickname, “Spy”, which just added to his suspicious character. Being doubted for the name chosen by his parents, it must have been extremely vexing.

(TN: Enji [煙次]— the first character means smoke, the second character means continuous → sounds kinda like a ninja)

⑤Hoka Kijikiri—already introduced. As an exception, in her case, rather than participating, she had stared dazedly into space and remained drooling in the classroom while the study session took place. Well, in truth, she did get a high score, so perhaps she was able to overhear the contents of the study session…

⑥Aizu Kube—often referred to as part of the library committee, but that committee doesn’t even exist in Naoetsu High School. His approach to learning was to reduce the activities unrelated to the pursuit of knowledge as much as possible. He only earned that nickname due to his love for reading. Should the circumstances permit, he would even read during a class period. Although he was a high school freshman, he was also a man of valor able to read through Rilla of Ingleside without passing out. Speaking of liberal art addicts, there was one more in class 3-1—Hitagi Senjougahara, who read regardless of genre, plot, or setting. But, in contrast to Senjougahara, it seemed like Kube was especially drawn to foreign classics from overseas. However, Kube was not reading during the course of the study session.

⑦Nageki Gekizaka—already introduced.

⑧Sousho Koudou—she belonged to the girls’ volleyball club. She was a tall girl. Although she was a member of the competitive indoor volleyball club, she was strangely tanned. Well, perhaps she did her lifting and running outdoors. But, even so, as a student of class 3-1, which mostly consisted of members of the go-home club, she exhibited a rare show of school spirit. She had an unrefined but sensitive character, which made up her conflicting dual natures. Her character introduction may be a bit grandiose, but in simpler words, she was the kind of person who borrowed others belongings without asking but disliked lending out her own possessions. She would borrow pens, notebooks, and textbooks without permission, and yet she would damage, destroy, or even lose them along the way. On top of that, by no means would she ever lend her own possessions away, and if they were taken without asking, you would have to face her boiling hot rage… what her childhood friend, Fuyunami, would call “the hotheaded mental state [ 精神的に未熱]”. Club activities were put on hold before the exam, so there was nothing hindering her from taking part in the study session.

⑨Tsuuma Shuui—already introduced. Oikura managed the study session, but, naturally, he participated to support her. “If Oikura is the most likely suspect, then I, too, am under the same amount of suspicion.” he had calmly proclaimed. The way it looked, Shuui had tried to share the suspicion, but Oikura declared in reply—“It’s absurd for two people to be the most suspicious. I am the most plausible suspect.” It was as if to say she would not be satisfied unless she was number one, no matter in what occasion.

⑩Juudo Shuzawa—even if he hadn’t raised his hand, it’s hard to imagine him absent from the study session. I am completely unable to empathize with him at all, but he apparently loved those kinds of sessions. Well, rather than liking study sessions, it was more like he loved to teach… no, more like he just liked to hear himself talk. During midterms, I also learned various things from him. But, in all honesty, I wasn’t very grateful because his lessons were forced onto me against my will. He paid no heed to whether I understood his words or not, he continued to rant to himself. It’s just that his personality as he “taught” was exactly how I envisioned the culprit. Though probably irrelevant, he wore a watch on each wrist. “This way, I can maintain the balance between both sides.” he said. Perhaps his mental balance needed more maintenance.

⑪Kokuchi Suuchi—a quite reserved student. He was an individual not even worth mentioning, an individual without single distinctive characteristic about him—he completely lacked presence. As part of the minority of the class, he somehow ended up taking part in group activities, but in reality, he was often hard to get ahold of. He never expressed his thoughts aloud. Well, he was nowhere as isolated as I was though. You would never think he would participate in a study session, but he had actively taken part in the group effort. It seemed like he didn’t find social interaction difficult in the slightest. Then, it seems like no one shares the same struggles that I have.

⑫Kiichigo Daino—Personally, I thought her first name was especially peculiar, but for some reason, she was often called by the first character of her last name—”Da-chan”. She had an eloquent manner of speaking—as if her mouth was formed before any other body parts. (TN: Ugh, that was a weird line the raws say 「口から先に生まれてきたような弁の立つ奴で」–her mouth was born first). She herself had logically explained just how innocent she was, and after listening to her argument, you would start to believe that she could be trusted. However, if you took a step back and calmly considered the situation, you would notice you were completely mistaken. I don’t know whether she always had some kind of business to take care of or not, but she always seemed to be desperate to go home. For fuck’s sakes, no one else wanted to be there either. I wanted to leave too.

⑬Chouka Nagagutsu—to put it in a couple of words, he was easily elated. Simply by being present, he could create a happy atmosphere. However, he tended to be hated by students of the opposite gender. Truly hated. He often got carried away and had made girls cry on countless occasions. Well, in reality, ‘countless’ is an overstatement, but it left a strong impression, which was etched into the minds of his classmates. Perhaps it was because he showed no signs of regret in doing so. Oikura, too, had abandoned all hope in him—though I would wish she would do the same for me. While he did attend the study session, I don’t think he made a serious attempt in participating. Instead, he probably poked fun at the session while it took its course. I think listening to his pointless tirades—no, simply his attendance would instead lower the participants’ grade average, though.

⑭Roka Haga—a member of the track and field club. She was an athletic girl who loved video games just as much as sports—a problem child who brought portable game consoles to school, only to get them confiscated. During class, she would mute the volume and proceed to enjoy. Unlike Kube, who read books in class, what she did was a violation of school rules. But, being absorbed in club activities and video games seemed to be detrimental to midterm exam scores. So, in order to regain that lost time, she had attended study sessions and such. Her grades clearly expressed the effects, and she had achieved the high score of ninety-six points. That was why, much like Oikura, she remarked that it was such a shame that a troublemaker had to butt in. Now I’m slightly curious to see what her other grades were.

⑮Sekirou Higuma—As the student council president of his middle school, he was pitted against Oikura in the election at the opening of the school year. He had lost the election by a narrow margin and was nominated for vice president. However, it seemed like he had no interest in that kind of position in the first place, so he had declined the offer flatly. (It seems that in middle school he was forcibly appointed by a teacher.) However, it was because of that modest attitude about him that he was popular among girls—probably second only to Ashine. He was originally called “Ice (アイス/aisu)” in reference to the first character of his last name, “Ice (氷/koori). But, since it was too similar to Toune’s nickname, “icing”, his nickname eventually changed into “Kiro”, the middle letters of his first name.

(TN: just in case you don’t remember, Koori (ice) = [氷], Higuma (ice bear) = [氷熊])

⑯Jouro Hishigata—a reliable, older sister figure and a member of the softball club. Though her character differed from the charismatic Oikura or the unreliable peacemaker of our class, Tetsujou, there was no mistaking that she was constantly at the center of attention. However, Hishigata was a feminist to her bones and tended to confront male students in a disagreement. But, even then, the unyielding sense of justice she held against boys had, as a matter of fact, quite the good reputation even among the guys she overwhelmed. Her belligerence was something to be desired after all. (TN: >///<) (EN: It seems there is an M amongst us.)

⑰Shijima Fudou—a swimming club member. She lied that her father was a professional baseball player. It was a puzzling lie, but it seemed that she wasn’t even able to take back those words herself anymore. Her hair was a light brown, but unlike Hayamachi, she said it had been discolored by chlorine—which was possibly also a lie. However, thanks to something called ‘verbal evidence’, at least we can confirm that her attendance at the study session was not just another lie.

⑱Kabe Madomura—he was also one of the few students who was an active member of school club activities. He was a member of the light music club. I was surprised such a recreational club existed in Naoetsu High School. Well, I would have liked to believe his disheveled hairstyle was his embodiment of the burning passion he had for rock music, but it seems like it was just bed hair. I’m kind of disappointed. Well, it seemed like he enjoyed Western culture from childhood, so English was his forte. On the other hand, he did poorly in math, so he took part in the study session. So what if he knew a little English? Did he really have to include that in his self-introduction every single time?

⑲Shoukei Yoki—an old-fashioned person. He might have even been born in the wrong era. He was continuously reciting topics like “what a man is”, and his intense passion irritated both genders in the class. But only Yoki himself never noticed our irritation and continued to chant his senseless monologues. However, when he was asked to control his passion to a tolerable level, curiously, he had started a proper conversation—on “the makings of a man” and debating about “gentlemanly manners”, which, well, didn’t differ from his usual out-of-date rants. His bad habits included making decisions without hearing out others’ opinions and eavesdropping. He was also the one who proposed that Kikigoe was suspicious.

That is all—nineteen individuals.

Those were the nineteen individuals that attended the study session held the day before the examination. The culprit could exist amongst them—or not.


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