Owarimonogatari – Ougi Formula Chapter 1

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Oshino Ougi was Oshino Ougi

Indeed, that was how any conversation related to that transfer student started and ended. If her name was ever brought up, it simply meant that there  was nothing else to converse about. Of course, a person is none other than themselves, and there is no one who is exempted from such a rule. Tsubasa Hanekawa was Tsubasa Hanekawa, and Hitagi Senjougahara was Hitagi Senjougahara– and of course Koyomi Araragi was Koyomi Araragi. Then following the same train of logic, Ougi Oshino was very much Ougi Oshino. It was to the point there was nothing else to describe her with but the words ‘Ougi Oshino’.

“Unpleasant things were Unpleasant”, “useless things were useless”, and Ougi Oshino was Ougi Oshino.  And after reaching that point of the discussion, there was no more room for  progress. Those things were clearly set in stone. She was unnaturally cool and emotionless. Yes, calculating was borderline to “Oshino Ougi like”.

Speaking of math, do you know of the most beautiful formula in the history of mathematics? Oh, don’t tell me you haven’t heard of it. If spoken aloud, it would jog anyone’s memory.  Standing at the top of mathematical history, the most beautiful formula of human history could only be [e i π + 1 = 0] — Euler’s Equation. A formula which embroiders e, π, imaginary number i, 1 and 0 into a single string of symbols. If there is a God out there, then this is a divine formula worthy to serve as proof of such an existence.

However, an even more beautiful aspect of this formula is the fact that it has already been “decided and determined”. Basically, Euler’s equation is not a result of human conception, but it is rather a  discovery. For instance, if humanity did not exist on the face of Earth, even if there was not a single head to think of pi, imaginary numbers, the number one, the number zero, or the logarithmic basis, if 1 was added to pi of the basis of the natural logarithm to the power of imaginary number i, the result would be the number zero.

There is beauty in this world, however through the same line of thought, fear also exists in similar quantities. Somehow today’s society is truly vague and indistinct. It is depraving, ever-changing, and constantly reshaping itself. What was yesterday’s common sense is  irrational today, A rule for the morning could be contrary to one in the evening. There is no particular merit gained from such changesー and has no aim or emotions it depends on, so we can only hold hope for the blank space that represents our futureーat least that’s how we feel. The real debate is whether if it really is an blank canvas. There lies a possibility that our futures have already been decided since the moment we were bornーthat we are simply unaware of such a fact. What if the unknown was just a result of our sheer ignorance?

People who don’t know of the radical pi will still derive the number by dividing the circumference of a circle by its diameter. Even if Einstein had not demonstrated it’s existence with his quick wits and resourcefulness, the Theory of Relativity, had already existed long before his time. Even if a pianist didn’t know the name of Beethoven, if they reproduced the notes of Symphony No. 5 in C minor perfectly, would it leave a different impression? If so, then the pianist could play it with the same fervor and passion as Beethoven had. If someone other than the artistic genius Vincent Van Gogh utilized the same artistic style, brushstroke, drawing utensils, surrounded himself with the same scenery, and drew the same flower from an identical viewpoint– unbelievably, any novice would be able to paint the “Sunflower”. (TN: that’s a famous painting by Van Gogh) If a monkey was handed a typewriter, one fateful day it might even be able to reproduce works similar to  Shakespeare.

The answer does not changeー the predefined rules simply do not change.

The feeling that a person has “changed” or has been “reborn” is nothing more than a pleasant illusion. What is really occurring is that a different preprogrammed line of code being put into play.

Both in the current world and in the future there exists not a single atom that is not predefined. Rather, everything is clearly defined in an unimaginably detailed manner. All that is left are the facts that are clearly defined, like “If this action is carried out, that will occur”. Only statements like “Useless things are useless”, and “unsatisfactory things are unsatisfactory” are truly defined. Obvious things are undeniable, and there is no room for any other opinion to force its way into such matters. Therefore, an idea is only a remembrance, and an invention is just another discovery. No, a discovery could even just be another rediscoveryー the answer to the impossibly difficult problem I have been desperately pursuing may already have a demonstrated solution prepared before I even touched upon it. My trial and error method might seem as if I am hobbling towards the solutionー if there was an onlooker, that is.


Possibly even an oddity of some kind. (TN: 化け物 [bakemono] → oddity)

That said, the transfer student, Ougi Oshino, could easily propose her honest opinion on the beauty of Euler’s Equation.

“Yes, it certainly is beautiful, isn’t it, Araragi-senpai. Its beauty is so captivating that I might faint. The most alluring part of it is that it becomes zero in the end. That being said, if the answer to my existence also became zero, then there would be no significance in mentioning it. Much less bother trying to calculate it.”

Hearing this, I came to the conclusion that Ougi Oshino was, after all, Ougi Oshino, and there was no other way to express her existence. Everything that stood before her became zero. No matter what actions she took that opposed her character, it would simply become a part of her characteristics. Anyways, this time’s story is a mathematical one.

Let’s Study.

The word mathematics often make people feel uneasy, so I’ll call it a story of arithmetic instead. In a rather more straightforward way of saying itー a story about numbers. At any rate, this is a story of decisions made from the frequency of numbersーin other words, a story based on the concept of majority rule.

The concept of majority rule.

The only method which can turn mistakes into reality. Majority rule is a tactic which does not pursue happiness, but has a goal of conspiracy.

Our method of inequalityーour method of inequity.

It is truly the only thing that we can say mankind has invented, and it is also the most unsightly method known to humankind.


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