Futari Ashitamo Sorenarini Chapter 69

Big thanks to Rak25 and everyone at goddess scans for reaching out to me and letting me do the JTL. We’ll be working together on the releases for Futari Ashitamo Sorenarini :). Without further ado, here’s the nice chapter.
Futari Ashitamo Sorenarini Chapter 69: What’s Beside You (1)

[Chapter 69]


Hello. I’m sorry for this to be so abrupt, but due to some personal issues I don’t really have a choice but to drop all the projects I’m working on right now. I no longer have access to my computer and therefore Photoshop. This means at best, I can only make text translations. I do not know how long this is going to last. At best, a couple weeks. At worst, a couple years. If I find something interesting, I might return to Light Novel/Web Novel translations, but I am also busy with college work, so everything really depends on the situation. I really hope someone willing to keep a scheduled release can pick these series up. Thank you for understanding.

tl;dr thank you for reading my work. I am dropping Futari Ashitamo Sorenarini and Oversimplified SCP due to personal issues. Feel free to pick them up.

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