Yo. I’m back.

I have a shit ton of free time and nothing to do. Comment a series that you want translated. I’ll post a poll of the ones I’m willing to translate soon. Poll will be on Patreon, but I’ll post a link to it here as well. Also I’m going to be working on The Night Owl Witch (Maya-san no Yofukashi) because I want to.

13 responses to Yo. I’m back.

  1. chivasregall

    welcome back! the night owl witch looks interesting! looking forward to it~ what genre are your preferance?


  2. I am so happy that you are back!!!! btw, there is a manga that is on desperate need for someone good to translate it, Tensei Shitara Dragon no Tamago Datta, take a look on the plot its fun and the art is cool too.
    Once again, welcome back!! Loved reading your translations


    • Mr X

      Tensei Shitara Dragon no Tamago Datta Would be my choice too, because the manga is already very far and the translation isn’t happening despite some group saying they would


  3. cr4zy4ppl3

    Are you interested in translating the LN Knights & and Magic? It stopped at chapter 54 because the translator is busy with his school


  4. 1AmGroot

    Great to have you back! Although I would like to suggest some specific titles, the most important thing is that you enjoy it. So just have fun, translate some manga and remember to sleep!


  5. Dream of Yours

    Welcome back!! Oh man i’m so happy that you’re back, your translation were always one of the smooth one to see, i’m looking forward to your next project. Also, please translate this ” VR Eroge yattetara isekai ni tensei shita no de” or ” EX Strongest swordman, longing for magic” it’s quite interesting to read it, so i hope you would consider it, but also dont forget to take a break sometimes, your well-being is more important!


  6. Oviie Mbem

    what about basketball girl? it is actually manga that I recently read and it is quite interesting but somehow there is no update for like 1 year or so.


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