Thanks for Reading.

I first picked up scanlation as a favor to a friend. Since then, I’ve found it a joyful and rewarding experience. Picking up Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken may have been one of the best decisions of my life. Not only could I read the manga beforehand, I was privileged enough to be allowed to share it with everyone else on the internet. I had only gratitude for the scanlator who had dropped it for three months.

However, it has been two years since then, and some things have changed. I truly enjoy scanlation, I do. And I’m glad the manga has blown up to be one of the most popular ones on the internet. What I don’t enjoy is competing with someone else to translate the same manga. It makes everything hasty. I cannot focus on the quality of translation if I do not have the time.

In the end, there’s one thing that anon and I can agree on: what matters is that you, the readers, can enjoy more manga at the highest quality possible. Competing makes both of our work hasty and the duplicate releases don’t add to the variety of manga available on the internet.

So I want to thank everyone who has accompanied me this far into my journey. Anyone who has given a glance to any of my translations has bolstered my sense of purpose on the internet. Finally, I would like to thank the anons for picking the manga up. I hope they can bring you even faster and higher quality scanlations that you, the reader, can enjoy.

Sir Shurim

tl;dr I will be taking a break from scanlation. I’ll be back if I can. Anyone’s welcome to pick up any of the projects I’ve dropped.

32 responses to Thanks for Reading.

  1. Simex

    Will miss you and your editorials… Hope you’ll be back with other projects and until then might everything goes well, whatever you do 🙂

    Thank you for the hard work and have some higher quality sleep 😉

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  2. Lewis

    Thank you for all of the work you’ve done for the community. I don’t know if you’re aware of how much of a part you played in making the manga this popular. Not saying that you were the reason, but rather you being the medium that allowed the manga to be shared across a wider audience.
    Waiting for your releases had become part of my routine.
    Hopefully when you’ve caught up with the sleep you’ve missed these past two years, you’d maybe pick something up again, and introduce us to something new? Ahahaha.
    Regardless, Thank you so much.

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  3. Thanks for every scans and translation that u have done. I remembered when the manga have been dropped for so long til u picked it up. Gonna miss ur works.

    Wish u all the best sir shurim..

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  4. Marrdreg

    Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. May this break be enjoyable for you =)


  5. chivasregall

    thank you so much for all the hard work you’ve put in all this time. i really love this manga and am grateful that you picked it up. i wish you all the best and hope you’ll get back much higher quality sleep that you’ve lost these past years. thank you so much sir shurim ❤

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  6. portpixelbrain

    Thank you for all your work. Rest up well.
    (Do you still translate the Last Boss light novel?)


    • The Wild Last Boss novel was dropped by Shurim and picked up by another translation group months ago, and the translation is currently ahead of the manga. Look it up on Novel Updates.


  7. Thank you for your work so far.
    I’m going to miss your translation.
    And as for the anon who started translating the Slime manga, I’m not convinced that he’s really going to take more time to translate it to make sure he does a good quality translation. I think he’s sadly just going to continue pumping out the chapters fast like he has done so far.


  8. exqalph03

    Thank you for all you’ve done so far!
    It has been really great. Hope you get to rest well and enjoy it ^_^
    Wishing you luck!


  9. bruh plz translate

    Thanks for the work. If you want something else to do, you should work on the manga Risou No Himo Seikatsu. The guy/guys doing it now doesn’t really want to translate it so it takes like 20 years for the chapters to come out. he’s like 10 chapters behind. And thanks for translating Slime, it’s really great that you kept it up to date. Thanks again.





  11. Meitantei Yumemizu Kiyoshiro

    I’ll miss your translation um sir shurim.
    since i’m also a solo player i understand how you feel.
    there is no point arguing something like that, sometimes i also drop my project when someone especially who i know doing it.
    i’ll be waiting for your return. more likely, please return.
    but for now i hope you have a high quality of sleep so you can start again as leveled up one sir.
    I’m just going to read novel if you leave.


  12. Mored1984

    Why U become inactive patreon, leave it active then take vication, LOOOOOL.

    We want to support U 4 Ever

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  13. Thank you for translating these chapters for us. We all enjoyed them very much, and I know you did to. I could tell the difference between yours and the other person’s, and yours was the better one. It looked like a lot of care was put into it, and it shows how much you liked the manga and also wanted us to experience the same wonderful pictures (I forgot how to call them) as you did. For that, I thank you very much and I look forward to other things you translate after your break. I hope you feel refreshed and good afterward! ^^


  14. france001

    I’ve always been a fan of your work. Thank you. お疲れさまでした!


  15. Ivy

    You’re the first translator i actively kept checking the page for updates, for respect to the work done. You’ve made me discover some great series that I probably would otherwise have not heard of. Seeing you step down from slime is sad news, but understandable.

    Thank you for the time you spent into this, and take care of yourself!


  16. Reading while cuddled in Bed

    Please don’t take a break from translating there wasn’t a single update from Konjiki no Word Master since 3 months~ and the coming arc seems interesting~


  17. Dear Mr shurim

    Thank you so much for everh single translation that you have done. Sorry I can’t help you except enjoying you work. Really gonna miss you. And every translation that you make became a great manga. I couldn’t have a word to express my gratitude. Even you taking a break please consider to stay contact to us maybe leave you Facebook or other social media so we still can be touch with you. Once again thank you for everything and for your hardwork. Hope you have nice and nice life also a nice sleep and maybe some good dream and good food 😉

    Best regards
    Your reader


  18. kernub

    Thanks for your hard work, it’s the first time I ever comment on here but I wanted to tell you that your work was appreciated and I hope that after a merited break/vacation you won’t quit forever it would be sad to have someone like you quit because of a troll who can’t even remember the names of characters between the chapters, like Chloe and Soei (not sure I wrote that one right), anyhow thanks again for your hard work, hoping to see you translating again


  19. Meow

    Thank you very much for you translations!!! I really enjoyed them and am very grateful to you for translating them


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