Update: Tensei Slime Chapter 52

Although I did notice that an /a/non post finished translating the chapter, I will continue to work on it. I’ll still be cleaning and replacing the sfx in hope of maintaining the quality of the past few chapters. The pace I scanlate will, hopefully, stay the same. Thank you all for supporting me.

12 responses to Update: Tensei Slime Chapter 52

    • Alfha Robby


      what’s up do you have any problem with it !!!
      its not like A/nonymous charge money for this unlike Asianovel

      also its free and up to you whether you read his/her translation or not since its not like anyone force you to read this.

      also watch out with your mouth and don’t act like egoistical autism kid that could only bitch and swear yet didn’t contribute any single thing into Scanlation nor Donation.

      also Shurim Sama by the way do you busy in real life since its already more than a month since the last time Deus Vult Scan upload new chapter of Side Story Manga TENSEI SHITARA SLIME DATTA KEN: MABUTSU NO KUNI NO ARUKIKATA ?


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