Konjiki no Moji Tsukai Chapter 47

I hope you had a merry christmas. Santa gave me nice things this year.

[Chapter 47]

8 responses to Konjiki no Moji Tsukai Chapter 47

  1. Xyrille Santos

    I read your version of scanlations and since I notice how much effort you put into each all alone, I wanted to just drop by and show my appreciation and thanks for all your hard work because people like you who undertake scanlations are like unsung heroes for us who do not speak/read/understand japanese and you guys really deserve acknowledgement for it. You even go as far as editing out the original japanese text for the sound effects and tracing them over to add the english equivalent of the sounds! For us who might read those sound effects in a few seconds, you’ve probably worked on for tens of minutes to maybe even hours.. But you still do it anyways to make it the high quality scanlation that it is and for that little extra smoothness and enjoyment that we readers can enjoy.

    Thank you and please take care of your health too!

    Much love,
    A Reader


  2. Gabil

    No update yet? Are you not translating this manga anymore? Raw of 49 already out, and 48 not translated yet. Hope someone else will pick this manga.


  3. oni

    hey good work in ur translation! really love this manga..hope ur doing well and will update soon..cheers and much love!


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