Owarimonogatari Vol. 1 – Ougi Formula Ch 6 – Completed

Wheeeeee… this is amazing. Is this what it feels like to be on the brink of death? Delivering another chapter while sleep deprivation robs you the ability to even grammar?

Well I finished! And thanks to my amazing editors, Kit and Excalibur, I am completely immune to the flames of grammar hell. Well, today’s chapter might be a bit choppy, but that’s probably my fault… I totally nodded off every other word… tell me if anything sounds stupid!

Well I’m about to get a good night’s  (@ ̄ρ ̄@)

welp. Enjoy the chapter!

2 responses to Owarimonogatari Vol. 1 – Ougi Formula Ch 6 – Completed

  1. Yay! New chapter! But you still have to be concerned about your health, sleep deprivation is very dangerous. Oh, I know this problem too well from times when I was a university student.


    • Shurim – Author

      >.> well i kind of had microsleep the entire day LOL. Im so glad I dont drive…
      btw, im paying off my sleep debts now :P. No worries, some other tl will take over if I die so~
      naaah, i probs wont die. not yet. Ill finish tl’ing this volume first

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