Futari Ashitamo Sorenarini Final Chapter

[Together, Tomorrow]

This is it! The final chapter in the series. It’s kind of surprising, but it’s a been a bit over a full year since I picked this manga up. I’ve grown quite attached, but I feel like this was the right place for the author to end the manga. Now all we have to do is wait for the Mangadex to fix their site, and I can wave a happy farewell to translating this manga. Thank you all of you reading!

Futari Ashitamo Sorenarini Chapter 86

This is the second to last chapter in the series!

[Thank you]

The author, Suzuyuki has announced that next weeks issue will be the last chapter of the series. Here’s the tweet and a translation of it!

(Announcement) Futari Ashitamo Sorenarini, which has been serialized on Kurage Bunch, will end with the next chapter! Please cheer them on until the very end!

This means that there is only one more chapter left for me to translate! Makes me kind of sad and happy at the same time.

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